On-boarding Programme

A surprisingly high proportion of external hires leave their positions within 18 months of their appointment. This attrition rate causes significant financial costs due to the lack of critical skills and the associated HR risk and expense of attrition. A thorough and professional on-boarding programme can alleviate the problems arising from low retention rates, reducing the adverse financial impacts and increasing the likelihood of the successful integration of new people into the existing team.
We offer a free On-Boarding Checklist to help you speed up time-to-productivity of new hires. Alternatively, we can design and manage the entire on-boarding for the first 100 days, an add-on service to recruitment.

We design a customised system to develop high potentials and high performers by formally linking them to coaches, mentors and sponsors

  • Coaches focus on short-term results, improving specific skills, perfecting specific tasks, and raising performance by giving direct feedback
  • Mentors nurture the whole person, by providing long-term guidance, developing insight, understanding, and awareness of own experiences, to build business savvy and self-confidence.
  • Sponsors are in positions of power with networks of relationships they can use to back high potential/high performing individuals to improve promotion opportunities.

On-the-Job Training – Link-up Coaching, Mentoring & Sponsoring System

Off-the-Job Training – Generic Just-in-Time Short Courses

Just-in-Time courses delivered in bite-size training is the fastest and most cost effective technique to improve performance in the short-term, delivering high return on training investment in contrast to Just-in-Case courses that are often the result of an ill-planned and sloppy training approach.  

We offer one-to-three day workshops, seminars and board room presentations – on-sight or off-site – delivered by highly qualitied and experienced facilitators. Each course is designed to cover one outcome per hour, a pre-course questionnaire, coursework and group work, as well as post-course satisfaction surveys. Just-in-Time skills are aimed to re-acquaint employees with skills previously learnt (recall to retain the potentials) or to bring their knowledge or skills up-to-date (latest) so that skills stay sharp. 

  1. Strategic HR and HR Risk Management
  2. Talent Management – Target Interviewing
  3. Workforce Planning
  4. Learning & Development
  5. Performance Management Systems
  6. Organisational Design & Structure
  7. Rewards & Remuneration – Pay Grading & Salary Structuring
  8. Employee Wellness – Career Grooming, SHEQ
  9. Employer Relations = Labour Law, BEE, Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures
  10. HRIS – HR Technology Management & Metrics
  11. HR Service Delivery – setting up a small HR department that will make a big impact
  1. Deliberate Communication – compelling speaking, writing, digital and numeric communication techniques
  2. The Bare Presenter – persuasive vs technical writing skills  
  3. How to Conduct a Productive Meeting  
  4. The Fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence
  5. The Fundamentals of Leadership for First Line, First Time Managers   
  6. The Fundamentals of Problem-Solving & Decision-Making
  7. The Fundamentals of Finance & Administration
  8. The Fundamentals of Production & Logistics
  9. The Fundamentals of Project Management
  10. The Fundamentals of Customer Service
  11. The Fundamentals of Neuroscience for Marketing and Sales

Our customised programmes is aimed at getting high potentials not just “work-ready” but “performance-ready” quickly. We partner with your staff to design a curriculum, tailoring the solution to fast-track novices into goal meeting employees. We co-ordinate the entire function –  coordinating with your HR, with the SETA; planning the course; sourcing and selecting training providers; and finally tracking, monitoring and career counselling individuals to ensure the best possible outcome and the desired return on investment.

The Hitch Your Wagon Programme covers a holistic knowledge base, combining the following:  

  • Book knowledge – concepts such as basic theories, business models and practical techniques that are tried and tested
  • Street knowledge – systemic application of knowledge – industry knowledge, product knowledge and systems knowledge
  • People knowledge – social application of knowledge – working with customers, vendors, regulators, colleagues and bosses
  • Self-Knowledge – emotional application of knowledge – how to use knowledge to improve personal productivity – how to do more with less

    Hitch Your Wagon Programme – internships, learnerships & graduate programmes

    Touch-up Professional Management and Leadership Development

    Succession planning and career pathing are crucial to attracting, engaging and keeping high value employees.  Promotions must be accompanied with development to reduce the risk of negligent supervision, when supervisors fail to reasonably monitor and control the actions of employees in their care.  Having a professional development plan for managers also ensures a leadership pipeline. 

    Let us help you design compelling career paths and cutting edge career development programmes.  

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