Our Candidates are our Products!

 There are three kinds of  candidates:

  1. The Stars- those who make things happen by applying their talent; wisely seeking to align it with purposeful work;  happy excelling in their careers, fast-tracking the monetisation of their talent through the exceptional standard of work they produce;
  2. The Sloggers – those who watch things happen, who, whilst producing good work will never excel because they are unsure of their talent and its application to their jobs, thus they are constantly unhappy at their slow career progress,  and average prospect;
  3.  The  Stragglers – those who wonder what happened; who don’t know themselves or the power of their talent and thus do not use it to improve their work; they remain foolishly unfulfilled and unhappy,  unable to make informed decisions, producing mediocre work that leads to no  career prospects, constantly job seeking living from pay-check to pay-check.

Let us assist you in managing your outlandish dreams, metamorphosize your talent and RISE in your career. 

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Candidate Philosophy

We treat our candidates as customers ensuring we understand their needs and desires, providing them with opportunities and alerting them to their blind spots.  We provide a seamless application process and in-depth career investigation to ensure that we understand their ).

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Vitruvian Career Guidance Programme

  • Uniquely powerful Career Intelligence Skills to help navigate the career landscape:
    • Highlighting internal motivators and clarifying external forces;
    • Credentialing your career story
    • Supporting personal rebranding requirements
    • Revealing the level of competence versus the level of confidence
    • Clarifying the employee value proposition
    • Understanding marketplace financial worth and how to maximise it
    • Describing the different stages and strategies for 20, 30, 40 and 50 somethings.

The VCGP has become a magnet for finding those critical and scarce high-potential, fast-tracking, and high performing applicants.

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Candidate Process

With us you are guaranteed career progression because we will professionalise your CV; brief you for client-facing interviews; off- board from current position and on-board onto new position.

In the event that we do not have a position that fits with your requirements, we will market your profile to get you the ultimate job, at no cost to you, as long as you have strong, marketable skill-set.

Your personal information is protected at all times.

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Personal Rebranding


Our process is as follows:

  • Hunt & Fish
    • Advertise and broadcast jobs on our website, job boards, social media and word of mouthC
  • Farm & Gather 
  • Do initial telephonic screening to match skills
    • Invite for face-to-face interview to asses:
      • skills-match & culture-fit
      • the CV good (competence, confidence, commitment, command)
      • the CV bad  (white spaces & black holes);
      • the CV ugly (blind spots, misrepresentation, exaggerations and hidden
      • appropriate career stage aspirations
      • job-company briefing aligning with candidate aspirations
  • Harvest & Plate 
  • Background checks – references, credit, criminal, credentials
  • Send-out and arrange referrals – brief and debrief expectations
  • Negotiate compensation and commencement
  • Fertilise & Seed
  • De-board from current job and on-board to new job
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