Our Clients are the Lifeblood of our Business!

Talent is our business and our business is talent. Our goal is to obtain & maintain strong partnerships with our clients. 

We seek, we strive and we live to recruit, retrain and retain high potential, high performing people!

  • We seek to build a talent-centred world.
  • We strive to attract and retain the most driven consultants; to source and select the best skilled candidates; and to maintain and service the fastest growing clients.
  • We live our values, RISE – respect, integrity, service, excellence, to build networks; the web of relationships we have with suppliers, customers, employees, and investors, in order to co-create and to capture economic value.

Sloppy HR practices lead to negative human capital development, resulting in  negligent recruitment processes,  negligent training systems and  negligent retention strategies, often becoming huge obstacles to growth and prosperity. In contrast, positive talent management approach leads to acquiring the best talent, developing strong pipeline talent and achieving more than expected results.  A talent-centred workforce is an asset that has mastered the skills to turn the workplace into a wealth generating machine, a strategy that is extremely difficult for competitors to emulate!

Recruitment Services

Wothy hiring begins with a stragy not a job opening! We begin by establishing your organisational requirements, relooking at the job opening and the team make-up, in order to ensure that you get people with the:

  • Right skill-set
  • Right outlook
  • Right price
  • Right now

Our strategic recruitment tactics ensure you get competent, confident, commitment and commanding employees because:


  • We know our candidates – we understand what they do best
  • We know our clients – we know their needs and value proposition
  • We know the market – the demand and supply of skills affecting compensation, location, and other perks, on offer.

Outsource Recruitment – Permanent & Contract Placements

Our recruitment process consists of the following steps:


  1. Clarify job openings
  2. Develop a tailored sourcing and selecting strategy
  3. Rand and rate competence and confidence using interviews, assessments and background checks.
  4. Send-out qualified CVs and convert to referrals
  5. Job Hirer briefing and debriefing, guiding the negotiations & offer process
  6. Career counsel job seekers, guiding the salary and commencement date
  7. De-board successful candidate from old job and on-board to new job

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Insource Recruitment – Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the business process where an employer transfers recruitment processes to us as external RPO providers. Essentially we are serving as an extension of your company’s human resources department in a consultative and customizable manner.

Our RPO services entail us taking on your entire recruiting function, or only specific services that help your internal recruiters to do more and to do it better.

Here’s a list of some of our RPO services:

  • Candidate research (high level headhunting)
  • Compliance tracking
  • Reporting and Audits
  • Hiring Manager Training
  • Process Mapping
  • Technology Consulting
  • Third Party Vendor Management

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Training / Retraining Solutions

Speeding up the time-to-hire is not enough; you also need faster time-to-productivity. The Sherpa Leaming Management System is our proprietary retraining programme that is designed to monitor and evaluate the entire company training and develop. It focuses specifically on remediating all risky patterns of behaviour that result in loss or injury, while at the same time, inspiring employees to engage into desired action that leads to growth and prosperity. Most importantly, the SLM System, highlights negligent training practices in order to eliminate them.

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SLM 5-Step System:

  1. Assessment = learning needs and learning climate
  2. Plan Workforce – Workplace Skills Plan – assess performance, conditions and criteria for each individual unit
  3. Design an Annual Training Plan – create or purchase the material, taking into account presentation methods and media, facilitator style, focusing on blended learning that combines traditional classroom and technological strategies
  4. Develop Individual Plans – create a Professional Development Plan for each employee
  5. Coordinate Training Delivery – schedule, implement and coordinate the entire process beginning with the design of the Workplace Skills Plan, the Annual Training Plan and ending with Professional Development Plan for each employee.

Five Retraining Products (Courses)

The SLM System integrates and monitors the entire training needs of the business, as follows:

1)  100-day On-boarding – socialisation and orientation
2)  Link-up Coaching-Mentoring-Sponsoring System – on-the-job training
3)  Just-in-Time Generic Courses – off-the-job skill workshops
4)  Hitch Your Wagon Programme – internships, learnerships & graduate programmes
5)  Touch-up Professional Management and Leadership Development – front line, middle and top line individual development plans

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Retention Strategies

Success drivers in today’s world rest largely on growing an organisation – increasing its customer base, speeding up its delivery processes, and collecting and investing its money.  These key functions are best accomplished by employing and growing the brightest and the best poeple. Human Resources Management is no longer sufficient – remuneration and compliance are no longer sufficient to acquire and sustain high performers. The gap between ever increasing HR needs and declining HR service delivery is the cause of the increase in negligent retention pracdtices.

 Strategising and standardising your workforce is critical to build an ecosystem that is conducive to talent breeding and prevents talent bleeding. A culture is established and communicated to managers, facilitating their decision-making.  According to the SA Board of People Practices, there are 13 National HR Standards.  Our consultants are qualified to audit or review all 13 HR Standards

Organisations are at various stages of development – from start-up, to shape-up, to step, we have a talent strategy for you!

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