Our Consultants are our Assets!

Our consultants build the client relationships, that generate turnover. Attracting & engaging the finest consultants, is our primary goal.

Consultant Philosophy

We invest time and money to develop exceptional consultants. Our people are able to immediately and effectively assess a client organization and its people challenges. We source and select consultants who can build trust and genuine long term relationships with those they serve; who are continuously learning; who love the latest technology, who are driven by excellence in everything they do. We groom and develop them to build a profound and deeper understanding of the internal motivators as well as the external factors that affect HR matters and thus increase the level of their strategic conversations and make a tangible impact right from the word go.

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Consultant Tools

Applicant Tracking System
Customer Relationship Management
Placement Billing Process
Payroll System
Performance Management System 
Workplace Plan – Structure
Pay Grading and Salary Structuring Principles
Conditions of Employment
Code of Conduct

Job Descriptions and Job Evaluations
Key Results Indicators & Key Performance Indicators
Standard Operating Procedures
Staff Training Portal
Consultant of Choice – FAQ
Master Templates and Admin 

  • Reports
    • Performance – Individual Measurement
    • Productivity – Team Measurement
    • Profitability – Director Measurement
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