Our Founder

Our founder, Frances Kazan (MBA), has been a leader in the human capital industry for over 20 years recruiting, developing people, and turning around toxic workplace cultures. She has been recognised as a Master HR Professional by the SA Board of People Practices.

Our Team Leaders

Our selection of team leaders is key to the overall success of our business as they are essential to executing our vision and mission, in setting the tone for our staff and allowing the business to grow and prosper.  Our team leaders are role models who exhibit our RISE values (Respect – Integrity – Service – Excellence) in all activities. Each one is individuality mentored through our in-house Professional Management Development Programme.

Our Team

Our team of dynamic, on-the-go, fast-trackers, are constantly learning and mastering professional skills and business acument to deliver “faster, smarter, better” Recruitment Services – Retraining Solutions – Retention Strategies, to bring you the critical and scarce high potentials and high performers you need. 

Frances Kazan

Paula Nel

Naomi Nemeti

Kene Mmutlana

Nicole Botha

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